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Spirit rock

What is a Spirit Rock?

A Spirit Rock is a wonderful way to publicize birthdays, accomplishments, celebrations, upcoming school events, well-wishes or congratulatory messages by using your creativity and a bit of paint to decorate the rock in front of our school! It is also a fundraiser! Money raised from the Spirit Rock goes towards supporting the various school activities and school projects hosted by your PTO.

Spirit Rock Guidelines

  • Your reservation is for 24 hours beginning at 4pm the day before your reserved date (For Example - if you reserved Sept 9th, then you have access to the rock from 4pm on Sept 8th through 4pm on Sept 9th.) RAIN OR SHINE

  • The fee to reserve the rock is $10 per day

  • Payment is due at time of reservation

  • Painting of the rock is NOT permitted during school hours

  • To access the rest of the guidelines, please CLICK HERE

  Any questions, please email us at

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